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TVBJ Understands The Unique Challenges of Workplace Injuries. We Have Dedicated Staff to Facilitate Communication and Access.

Caring for the Workers’ Compensation community has always been an important element of Tennessee Valley Bone and Joint. With our efficient process in place, the injured worker can be seen and begin treatment almost immediately. We offer after hours care to prevent time loss and to make appointment scheduling easy for our patients. Throughout the course of treatment, everyone involved in workers’ compensation claims is given the proper documentation in a timely manner. Tennessee Valley Bone and Joint providers and clinical staff work closely with area industries and businesses.

Our providers strive to understand the job duties required by the injured worker. Therefore our providers, clinical staff, and workers comp coordinator are available for plant tours.

"Work Comp” program can be confusing and occasionally frustrating for all parties involved. Tennessee Valley Bone and Joint employs a "Work Comp Coordinator" whose sole function is to facilitate communication between those parties involved. Our coordinator may assist in cases such as providing copies of office notes, scheduling initial visits, and obtaining authorization for subsequent treatment with one of our providers.

For immediate assistance, call 423-303-3622 or email

Tennessee Valley Bone and Joint does not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, or national origin. We provide open communications, assistance, and equal access to needed communications. We provide language services for the top 15 non English languages spoken in TN.