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Margaret JonesMargaret Jones will tell you there is no other orthopedic specialist who cares for his patients like Dr. Rickey Hutcheson. She should know! He has done two surgeries on her knee so they have spent quite a bit of time together!

After seeing another physician and having several arthroscopic surgeries, Margaret saw Dr. Hutcheson when her knee pain would not subside. In reviewing her symptoms and active lifestyle, Dr. Hutcheson recommended a partial knee replacement to help speed recovery time.

Dr. Hutcheson Supervising Physical TherapyWith Dr. Hutcheson supervising her physical therapy, Margaret recovered very quickly and was back to her job as Supervisor at CPQ Professional Imaging in Cleveland, TN, where she has been employed for 38 years. She also got back to working in her flower garden, walking outdoors and doing all the things she loves to do.

Margaret Jones in Physical TherapyWhile getting out of her husbandís truck, Margaret took a bad fall and re-injured the joint. She went straight to Dr. Hutchesonís office. After her examination, he advised atotal knee replacement due to the trauma to the knee. After the surgery, Margaret received physical therapy through home health and continued outpatient physical therapy at Tennessee Valley Bone and Joint. Today Margaret is doing great!

Margaret will be the first to tell you she cannot sit still for long! She will also tell you she doesnít have to thanks to Dr. Hutcheson!

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