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Levi Pennington had been having intense headaches since he was 5 years old, seeing doctor after doctor with no relief. According to Leviís mother, Bridgette, she had taken him to his primary care doctor and two neurologists in efforts to find out what could possibly be wrong with her son.

The doctors did CT scans with and without contrast to rule out a brain tumor, and diagnosed Levi with Cluster Migraines. He was also referred to a gastrointestinal specialist to rule out any liver damage from over-the-counter and prescription medications for pain.

During this time, Bridgette was instructed to keep a food journal for any possible food allergies. Processed meats and cheeses were eliminated from his diet.

Anyone who suffers with migraines knows the intense pain and debilitation they bring. Levi was having headaches three to five times a month, and he missed days of school with each occurrence.

Not only did the headaches interfere with school, the entire familyís quality of life was affected. Levi was losing precious play time on the baseball and basketball team, and Bridgette was struggling to find someone to help her boy.

When Levi was ten years old (March 2010), he was taken to Chiropractor Dr. Matt McCartney for evaluation and treatment.

At first, Dr. McCartney adjusted him two to three times per week. The number of visits decreased as Leviís headaches decreased, and he now sees Dr. McCartney twice a month to remain headache free.

When asked what he thinks about Dr. McCartney taking away his headaches, Levi replied with a big grin, ďDr. McCartney has magic hands! ď

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